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Jenna [userpic]

Thoughts of a soon-to-be future matron

January 24th, 2011 (09:14 am)

current mood: depressed

I'm having one of my depressive moods again.

Personally, it hit me because of five specific people in my life.

One of them is Luz, an retired secretary here in my office. She retired at the age of 65, unmarried and with no children.

The second is Owa, a driver here who died last December 30, also without a child or a wife.

The third is my sister, who is eagerly waiting the return of her boyfriend from training, in the hopes of marrying by November.

And the last two is Jelai and Jouanna, two of our accountants who are right now, both pregnant, but have no husbands.

The reason why I spoke of these 5 people? It's because I am, once again, contemplating my existence. Am I to end up like Luz, or Owa, or my sis or the two Js? I have no idea.

But I do have the idea that I've never felt more lonely in my 26 (soon to be 27 this year) years of existence, and it sucks like hell.

Whoever said that singledom is bliss has never had a disasterous day at work, or a bad trip to/from commuting, or has not had perverted, sexually-depraved people surrounding them.

It sucks, to think that I DO need a male companion to be function properly. I have my friends, who cheer me up when I'm down and give me advice when I want to. I can't thank them enough, because they have been with me through so much. But I think I'm longing for something else.

I long to be swept off my feet. I long to be surprised because there's a bouquet of flowers waiting at my table with cheap and corny greeting card. I long to get out at work and find some guy standing out there smiling at me and puts his arms around as he asks how was my day. I long to hang around the couch with someone who speaks Elvish as we watch Lord of the Rings. I long for someone I can watch from the bleachers as he shoots a three-pointer during a basketball game. I long to have someone beside me when I'm about to sleep who is warm and comforting and makes sure I don't spaz out when the rain comes pouring in like a storm because of my fear of floods.

I long to be loved.

Yep, I guess it's pretty much a tall order who have some guy who does these things, be really, I long to be loved again. I feel so tired, and lonely and sad and miserable that I end up posting my feelings in LiveJournal rather than having someone to hear my out and tell me that they love me and that everything's going to be okay. I am surrounded by people who are in love and it makes me sick to think that I can never be that happy. ~_~

Waaaaayyy too much romanticism in my part. ~_~

Actually, just hearing myself saying this makes me sick of myself. I feel so pathetic and weak. ~_~

I don't want to end up like Luz, who cries herself to sleep when she has a bad day because her bed is empty and no one is there to comfort her. I don't want to end up like Owa who died not knowing what it was like to have a wife or children. I don't want to be like the two Js who have children but have no one to share the memories of seeing them grow up. And I certainly don't want to be stuck in the same house as my sister when she gets married because I am going to be so sick of her cuddling and all lovey-dovey with my soon-to-be brother-in-law.

Sheesh, and now I can't even write properly. Give me a few moments to collect my scattered thoughts and brain matter ~_~

Jenna [userpic]

Meiou returns... sort of.

January 23rd, 2011 (10:20 am)

current mood: contemplative

It's been so long since I have written it. I almost forgot my password. ~_~

But anyway, I'm back! So harharhar to my forgetful brain since I got my password right the first time.

In truth, I have been pretty busy with my other website www.frickinjoy.com, mainly because I earn from that site. Yep, I was able to buy a 15$-pocket book for my sister and a pair of clip on fangs from my blog. Harharhar!

Unfortunately, one of the things I hate about working on that site is the fact that I can't write about more personal stuff in it. I am shamed to admit that I have been experiencing bouts of depression lately, and I can't exactly publish it there in the fear that my "reader" (if I had any ~_~) would end up reading it. One of them would be my aunt, which is a follower of my blog, and a close consort of my mother. My mom got wind of my smoking from her, so yeah, I got my butt kicked because of that. But I'm still doing it.

So, as a resolution, I shall be writing about more personal stuff about me here. It's the reason why I called this my journal right? XD

But for now, I have very limited time. I'll be accompanying my nephew ( who is now like a son to me, although he spends more time with his parents now, unlike a year ago) to buy a leotard and a "cat" costume for his school play...

Really? A cat costume? At the age of 12? I can see the look of misery in the poor boy's eyes. The kid is turning into a man already and yet he is forced upon by the school to wear cat costumes. As an educator, I don't get the idea of wearing cat costumes to school for a performance. At that age, there are other ways to improve a boy's self-esteem, like sports for example. My nephew is an awesome badminton player. If I could switch him to tennis, he'd be the next Andre Agassi or something. But no, the school wants to dress him up in a cat costume instead. ~_~

All of the sudden, I'm glad I ended up a librarian. I would've been a rotten teacher, I think. XD

Jenna [userpic]

Of Recent (Slightly Boring) Activities...

February 11th, 2009 (06:23 am)

Darn, it's been so long since I've written here...

Not that I have anything to write about, since, once again, Jenna's life is pretty uneventful...

However, there are some things worth mentioning... so pardon me while I go talk about stuff...

Yep, it's true. You're reading the blog of a future librarian for the Department of Education- Rizal Division Library Hub. It's a long title, but hey, it's pretty cool. Specially since I have been a bum for almost 3 years now. I want change... I NEED change. Not to mention my recent years of unemployment has all but disintegrated my brain. Whoever wrote the "Law of Use and Disuse" knows what they're talking about... my brain felt like it's shriveled up to the size of a peanut.

Still, the thought of starting work seems a bit daunting, but hey, if it would mean I'd start learning again and earn decent money for my parents, then I'm all for it. Besides, I miss working in a library. The scent of books, the feel of them, being surrounded by them... I really do miss it. But of course, I really need to work hard, since the Library Hub was just opened last year October, so some their stuff still needs to be sorted out. Hopefully, my Obsessive-Compulsive instincts kick in and I'd be able to get everything nice and orderly within a few months.

Plus, this gives me a reason to go for my MA. Actually, my parents and I have discussed that, but, I thought it would be better to get a year's experience, at least. It could help, specially since I'll be doing a lot of library management.

So I guess this means I won't be just writing about my life here anymore, but also my work. I don't know if there are a lot of people who are interested about reading posts from a librarian, but IF I do have an audience, then I guess I could still write about that.

I hate it. Seriously.

I find it quite disturbing that a lot of couples only go on splendid dates on Valentine's. I also hate the fact that motels earn more than churches during Valentine's. It seems so wrong. I mean, Valentine's is a saint's holiday, not to mention a time to give thanks to all the people who loved us and whom we loved in return. It's not like St. Valentine is a pagan god who's ritual requests for sex or orgies. He's a Saint... a saint of love in all it's forms. It's really, really disturbing to think that sex is the only form of "love" people can think of.

And I know a lot of people, after reading this post, will just say, "ooooh, this girl is bitter"... "maybe she's saying that because she doesn't have a boyfriend"... "this girl needs to get laid".  Well, I may be a bit bitter, but heck, if celebrating Valentine's with my "boyfriend" includes a hotel membership card and fluffy handcuffs, then HELL NO. I'd rather be single if that happens. A lot of people may not know this, but Valentine's day can be celebrated without orgasms or God-knows-what positions that defies the Kama Sutra.

Yep, the brain farts are back. My literary prowess is currently on hold.

I can't write again... 3 fanfics, 1 short story, 1 script and 1 anime concept shot to shyte. It's pretty annoying. I guess the reason why this is happening is because of all the stuff I had to do for my job application. Hopefully, I'll be able to write again soon.

Or maybe it's just because I don't have a Muse? An inspiration of sorts? Hmm, maybe that's it... It's kind of hard to write something when you don't have an inspiration. Maybe I should get out more, try to find some new experiences so I could write it down. Hmm, that's seems like a good idea.

Still haven't quit, and it's frustrating.

Actually, it's not like it's gotten worse. It's still pretty much the same. 3 to 5 sticks a day, only Marlboro Lights (no Reds). But it's still pretty disappointing. I mean, I got through 3 days of not smoking, then my brother smokes one out, then BOOM! My plans shot to shyte. It's really hard to stop smoking when 2 of the people you live with actually smoke. You inhale the smoke and then your will cracks up. Geeze.

But since I'm going to have to start to work soon, I'm really going to have to quit. It's still going to be hard though, but I'll try and do it anyway. I haven't set out a date though, but when I do, I'm going to stick to it, even if I have to bite my siblings' heads off so that I can get it out of my system.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm too tired to think right now... but when something interesting comes up, I'll be sure to post it.

Jenna [userpic]

Of "Breathing Free"

July 8th, 2008 (12:46 am)

Right, I'm going to make this official...

This is going to be a long post, so bear with me.

I am now OFFICIALLY going to quit smoking... or "Breathing Free" as some people call it.

Some say that before curing an addiction, you have to admit you have a problem. So yeah, I have a problem. I smoke too much and it's causing me to be sick. I have insomnia because I smoke even before I go to bed, and even when I take a shower in the morning. It's starting to disgust my mom, my friends, and unfortunately, even myself. God knows I don't want to die from having my lungs shriveled up like prunes.

So why am I posting this here? Simple. I don't want your sympathy or your advice or empathy. I just need your help. I mean help as in take-the-cigarette-out-of-my-mouth, crush-the-pack-in-my-bag, take-me-away-from-smokers kind of help. I need you guys to be strong and firm with me, because it's going to be hard. I'm stubborn when I want something, so yeah, every once in a while I need someone to smack me in the head and remind me why I'm doing this.

Right, so this is what I've thought about:

Set quitting date: 1 week from now (why 1 week? Because I need to prepare myself. I need to brace myself from being slowly withdrawn from my nicotine addiction. It's not easy quitting something you're addicted to, you know. It's like saying you're going to quit eating chocolate if you're a choco-addict or something).

Date I started smoking: Actually, I forgot. I think it started during my second year of college, during the time I broke up with my boyfriend. That was a pretty depressing time for me, so yeah, I think I started smoking then...

Reasons why I smoke:
1. Appetite Suppressant: Yeah, I eat to much. Sometimes I take a cigarette to curb my urge to put some food in my mouth.
2. Anti-Depressant: Kind of like how chocolate calms down heart-broken people.
3. Literary Aid: When I get brain farts, I smoke. I guess seeing smoke rise up to the air kind of helps me find ideas or words to put in my literary works.
4. Calming Effects: Particularly when I get mad or nervous.

Reasons WHY I want to "breathe free":
1. It's getting me unhealthy and sicker by the day. I can't breathe well because of it (even if I insist that it does), and I can't sleep because of it. Just a few weeks ago I had a bad fit of coughing.
2. It costs so much. Even if a pack just cost 40 pesos, that 40 pesos is equivalent of 40 EP (nyahaha) or a tablet of my mom's medicine.
3. It's embarrassing. Really.
4. Someone really important told me to quit, so I'm doing this for him also.

Stuff I can do to curb the urge: (you guys can post comments about this part, since I have very few ideas on how to keep myself from getting a stick)
1. Go to gym more often (maybe).
2. Learn the art of meditation... haha! Yeah, I probably have to do this one more often.
3. Withdraw myself a bit from smokers, which is going to be hard, since some of my friends smoke, as both my sister and brother. I guess this means I'll be sticking closer to my mom, nephew and non-smoker friends more often.
4. Find some other way to suppress my urge to eat. A friend suggested that I try warm tea, so yeah, I'll be sure to pick up a box of tea from the supermarket. I love green tea anyway, so yeah, maybe that'll help. I'm not going to rely on eating candy though, since my parents are both diabetics, and I need to keep my sugar levels normal so I don't get it too.
5. Try posting my progress here, so I can see if I've gone worse or better. A pretty Bridget-Jones kind of way, but hey, if it makes me see that I'm turning into a chimney from smoking to much, it might help.

So yeah, that's it for now. I hope you guys help me on this, because frankly, I need all the help I can get to do this.

Oh by the way...

Cigarettes smoked: 3 (and it's not even after lunch >_<).

Jenna [userpic]

Of "Brain Farts"...

July 5th, 2008 (12:16 pm)

Does anyone have a cure for "Brain Farts"?

You know, when you try to think about something for a project of yours but you can't do it because it seems like the only contents of your brain is air?

Seriously. I am having the worst bout of Brain Farts I've ever had in my life. 5 Fanfics in the making, 2 poems trying to complete, 1 lyric I'm composing for a friend and I am stuck in ALL of them. It's either I can't find the right word or the right idea or a good plot.

For some writer's they call it Writer's Disease. For me, it's Brain Farts.

They're really annoying. In fact, when they happen I feel like I just want to hit my head with a keyboard. Its like, when you try to say something, but you can't find the right word for it, and then it nags your brain and you end up going, "what was that word? gosh darn it, I can't remember..."

Hayz... the quest for literary perfection is never easy...

Jenna [userpic]

Of Swords and Bishounen Obsessions...

June 27th, 2008 (07:56 am)

It's long and hard and can penetrate anything, causing total mayhem yet orgasmic satisfaction to all those who play with it...

And he's got two of them.

I'm talking about Gackt and his Virtual counterpart in Bujingai: The Forsaken City. Gackt is the voice actor and model for the creation of the double-sword weilding lead character of the game, Lau Wong.

In all honesty, I can't even tell you what it's all about. I just started playing it this afternoon after seeing it on sale in the local mall, so I'm pretty much still on the early stages of playing it. Another problem is, it's in frickin' Japanese. It took me a few minutes to understand the controls, and I can't understand the dialogue, but after 5 minutes of playing it, I got the gist of the game's goal: Hack 'em, Slash 'em, Kill 'em all.

The controls are pretty similar to "Devil May Cry" to those who've played the other sword-weilding hero, Dante, but that's where it all ends. The counter-attack system is AWESOME, because of the showy swordplay. When Lau and his opponent starts clashing swords, there's a light show so bright that it could be enough to cause seizures.I mean it. Pikachu ain't got nothing compared to this games' light effect.

So, to those who're looking for a game similar to Devil May Cry that's got more kick-ass moves, seizure-causing light effects and bishounen-looking heroes, then scrounge your local video game store for Bujingai: The Forsaken City. Honestly. I want to kick video game vendors' asses for keeping a game this good out of the shelves.

Jenna [userpic]

Of Missing Opportunities

May 14th, 2008 (07:22 am)

Sometimes, I hate the fact that the world revolves around money.

Turns out that I can't go to the event my Bellydance teacher was organizing because I have no freaking money to get there.

Most of my money went to my registration for my Teacher's License, which I find totally unfair, because I already spent P900 on the exams, and now I shelled out P1,050 for a simple Identification Card, and then I had to shell out another P250 for a ticket for my Oath-Taking. THEN, I have to shell out another P750 by this week to buy tickets for my family to enter the Oath-Taking (the other ticket I bought was for me, the "inductee"), and probably more since I have to buy or rent a Formal dress for the Event. (I know I said I'd wear the dress I wore during a dance, but it's brings up too many bad memories, not to mention I look like a pregnant woman in it ~_~)

Honestly, a thousand pesos for a plastic ID card? It's outrageous! It's a freaking conspiracy, I tell you! Then I had to pay two hundred more pesos for an Oath-Taking that I worked my ass off to get. Geeze, whoever said that money makes the world go round knew exactly what he was talking about.

I miss the days when you can just live your dreams just by sheer determination or luck.

My mom thinks it's silly of me to go to that event. She said I'm not destined to be a bellydancer because of my size and body shape. Heck, Rachel Brice was inspired to bellydance by a woman who danced with Hah`bi Ru who was 250 pounds. Fifi Abdo and Suheir Zaki would be consired chubby nowadays because of our perfectionist society, but they were awesome. All they needed was their moves and their love for the dance, and they became legends. Why can't I do that? Who knows? Maybe I can even be a bellydance teacher. It'd be great since that would mean I could do both my dreams at the same time.

Darn, I'm getting pissed just thinking that I'm going to miss this opportunity just because of the reason that I'm out of money. I mean, I know that I spent my money on my teacher's license, which is obviously more important, but, darn, it would've been so cool to see and learn from other people who has the same interest as me.

Jenna [userpic]

Of Dresses and Bishounens

May 12th, 2008 (11:18 am)


Just finished filing my Registration for my Teaching License... and it sucked.

Mainly because the attire for my Oath-Taking is "Formal".

Meaning I have to wear a frickin' DRESS!!!

I hate dresses. I like looking at them but I absolutely HATE wearing 'em. Skirts I can handle, but a DRESS?! No way. ~_~

I guess it's trauma... The last time I wore a dress, it was for a dance during my province's Mayfair Festival. And that didn't end up too good. ~_~

Anyway, looks like I have to find that dress I wore during that Dance. Argh...


Just finished reading 15 chapters of Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden....

And it annoys me so much.

First of all, the scans after the 15th chapter were awful. It started to get all blurry, and some of the text were cut out during the scans. Which is pretty bad, since now I'm hung up on the part where Uruki and Takaki turned into prostitutes. (Oh my, spoiler there! But hey, it's a Yuu Watase manga, so you're bound to find a few hentai/ecchi stuff in there... I know I did. O_o [By the way, did you know that Yuu Watase draws the prettiest breasts I've ever seen in a manga? Anyway, just thought you should know..])

Second, the whole manga is just (once again) FILLED with bishounens ( or pretty guys... guys who could pass off as girls). That's the reason why I love (and at the same time hate) Yuu Watase. She just draws the handsomest guys in manga history. It always pisses me off, since you can never seem to find any guys who are that pretty or handsome in real life. Well, except for Gackt maybe... yeah, he is Bishounen Personified.

Anyway, seriously, where have you ever seen a guy that pretty around here? Not to mention that I haven't seen a guy who is as romantic as Tamahome or Uruki. Most of them are either Tasuki-types (hard-headed brawlers), Chichiri-types (joker types) or Hotohori-type (vain about vanity). Hotohori-types are more wide-spread though.

Whew. I guess I'll just keep on hoping to find my own Uruki-types around here. For the meantime, I gotta finish this manga.

Maybe someone should start inventing Persocoms... yeah, that eould be so cool... I can make a Seifer or Uruki Persocom... hahahah!

Jenna [userpic]

Of Pictures, Kyo Sohma and... Regret...?

December 29th, 2007 (01:31 am)

current mood: contemplative
current song: For Fruits Basket - Fruits Basket Original Soundtrace

Heyyyy!!! Meiou's got new pictures!

Blegh... I am so ugly...

I hate taking pictures of myself, or having pictures taken of me. I have this horrible way of smiling... not to mention, unlike a lot of people of this world, I can't seem to take a "cute" picture of myself no matter how hard I try.

But then again, why even bother? I can't look "cute" to save my life.

It's kinda weird actually... how can a person be "cute"? I thought that word was just for kids and stuffed teddy bears?

The world is a weird place....


I. Love. The. InterNet.

You know why?



During my recent scourging of the Internet, I came across this website, Manga Volume. It turned out that the manga for Fruits Basket was there... All 138 Chapters of them. So yeah, I basically read all 138 chapters in just one day (talk about being an avid reader).


Fruits basket is featured as an anime, true, but it only had a few episodes (26, I believe). It turned out that the maker of Fruits Basket (or Furuba, for short), only wanted the first few episodes made so that avid fans can read the manga after watching the anime (the anime's ending was kind of short... plus there were lots of gaps with the plot). So yeah, being an avid fan of Furuba, i felt really awful because Furuba Mangas are VERY hard to come by here in the Phil., and if you do happen to find it, it costs thousands of pesos. So yeah, I'm pretty thankful to find this site... mainly because you can read the Manga FOR FREE. (Oh heck yeah! Nothing better than something free ^_^).

Oh man... I am soooo falling in love with Kyo Sohma....

Why is it that perfect men always end up being in the pages of mangas instead of real life....?!


I've been thinking a lot lately (Oh God, that is so one of my worst traits)...

I've been thinking a lot of things that have happened to me... not because new years is coming, but probably because of a nightmare I just had....

In my nightmare, I dreamt that my mother was on her death bed (Oh God, I hope this doesn't happen), and I was beside her. I was so afraid of losing her that I cried out that I don't know what to do without her. I woke up shortly after that, but it made me very... afraid.

Mainly because it's true. It was just a freaky (and hopefully not true) nightmare, but it struck home so hard. I really don't know what will happen to me if I lost my mother. Unlike my brother who has his own family, or my sister who has plans for marriage... I feel like I have no plans for myself at all. And it scares me so much...

As a woman, I do have plans to get married, but the question is, Will someone even think of marrying me? i had my chance when I was in college, but heck, I didn't want to stop my college education and just be someone's wife. Life is hard enough as it is, and I didn't want to make it harder by not getting my diploma.

But still, I couldn't help but think, did I do the right thing by not getting married at that age? Is getting my diploma worth much more than having a family with the man that I used to love? If I did the right thing, then why do I feel like I'm regretting it?

All this thinking made me realize about how I regret so many things, and it scares me. I used to say that i don't want to look back and regret some of the decisions I've made, but i couldn't help it. i couldn't help but think of how my life would be if I decided differently.

It's really pretty weird... I wonder if a lot of people think like this as well. And if they do, I wonder what they say to themselves, because I really have no idea what to say to myself when I'm thinking thoughts like these. It makes me feel really... depressive when I'm thinking like this. it's like... thinking how life would be like if I hadn't existed... or if I regretted being alive.

There are a lot of things that I regret... and though I want to fix them so I won't regret them anymore, I really have no idea how. I know I start bit by bit, but I don't even have an idea where to start....

Oh man... this is really depressing. It makes my head hurt so much.

Hmm... but then again, I really have no idea why I'm thinking like this. Maybe I'm being too much of a perfectionist?

Jenna [userpic]

Of Things I Want To Learn...

October 30th, 2007 (12:14 am)

current mood: melancholy
current song: Melissa McClelland - Rooftop (Time Stands Still)

I was watching YouTube and Grey's Anatomy a few moments ago (My sister is on this DVD marathon... she bought me a Full Alchemist DVD, while she completed her collection of Grey's Anatomy and House M.D. episodes [She even bought a whole DVD of SeaQuest!]), and while I was watching it, I came to realize how unfortunately IGNORANT I am.

Seriously. Watching stuff on the DVD and the Net makes me realize how dumb and inexperienced I am in some things... and it sucks! I guess it's on my Librarian blood. It just made think about how much I don't know, and of how much I am missing out on life. It's depressing! I don't even know what a ten blade is... and my sister's a nurse!

So, in light of this saddening realization, I've decided to make a list of some things I want to learn (and hopefully will, someday). It's a long list... so if you don't want to get bored, you might as well skip this post...

Ahem... ahem...

1. I want to learn how to sing. And I don't mean singing-in-the-shower, it's-karaoke-night type singing. I mean a professional one. I want to learn how to sing like Charlotte Church or Lea Salonga or something... you know, the type of voice that makes you shiver because of the beauty of it and makes goosebumps on your skin. Something like that.

2. I want to learn how to draw. As of now, I feel like my drawing skills are... I don't know... mediocre. I want to be as brilliant as my friend, Joyce, or Yuu Watase, or Yoshitaka Amano. That would be pretty cool.

3. I want to learn how to play an intrument. When I was a kid, I used to play the piano. But when my piano teacher slammed the piano cover (you know, that wooden cover that most pianos have to cover the keys) on my fingers out of frustration, I gave up. That was one of the worst decisions I've made in my life. Now I can't play my favorite classical music... the only Beethoven I'll be hearing is on my MP3 player instead of my own fingers...

4. I want to learn how to dance. There are actually only two types of dances I want to learn (although I appreciate almost any dance), and that's Bellydancing and Hip Hop. But of course, being horizontally-challenged (a.k.a. FAT), I can't really dance so much. God knows what my dancing would measure on a Richter Scale.

5. I want to learn basic first aid or life support training. Pretty weird huh? Actually, there's a pretty good explanation for that. Even since my mom suffered a stroke, I've always thought of taking a simple course so I'd know what to do the next time it happens again (not that I want it to happen again, God knows I don't want it to happen again... it's just that, well, you can't be too careful right...?). Particularly now that she's using injectable insulin instead of her normal oral meds.

6. I want to learn how to fix a computer. And that includes all hardware and software repairs. I am so sick of having to rely on someone to fix my PCs, particularly when the problem is just a simple one. It makes me feel helpless... hence, depressive. It just makes me feel so dumb. ~_~

7. I want to learn how to read Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Damn those "The Mummy" movies. It got me obsessed on wanting to learn hieroglyphs. I want to learn J.R.R. Tolkien's Elvish writing as well, but I'll leave that to my brother.

8. I want to learn Japanese. YES!!! I WANT TO LEARN NIHONGGO! HAI HAI! SOO KA! SOO KA!

9. I want to learn to... fix my hair. Hahaha! Didn't see that coming huh? Yeah, this is the main reason I keep my hair short. Because I can't fix my hair if my life depended on it.

10. I want to learn how to make a Flash Animation. I'LL BRING JOYCE'S ANIME TO LIFE!!!

Ooohkay... the sugar high is running low, and I've run out of things that I want to learn. Oh well, I'll just post it if I remember some of them...

P.S. 11. I want to learn how to make Ferrero-Rochers. That way I don't have to pay so much on a chocolate craving.

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